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Olympic Games 2021 Schedule

Two Taekwondo Women fighters disputing a place during the Olympics trials

The Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games are almost here! Check out the packed Tokyo 2021 calendar here and find out when popular games such as swimming, gymnastics, athletics, football and basketball all take place!

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games Schedule & Dates

Naturally, there are a number of different sporting events that will take place at the Olympic Games, which is why the Tokyo 2021 schedule is looking rather packed!

Nonetheless, there is plenty to look forward to and get excited about over the course of July and August 2021, with multiple disciplines taking place at the same time.

When Does The Olympics Start In 2021?

The Summer Olympic Games of this year will officially begin in July 23rd with the traditional opening ceremony – the Parade of Nations, where all athletes will parade in the Olympic Stadium preceded by the country’s flag bearer which is one of the highest Olympic privileges.


2021 Tokyo Events Calendar

Here is the Tokyo 2021 calendar, with dates inclusive of rest days, whilst the venue of each event is also highlighted (the list is in alphabetical order of sporting events):

Opening ceremony – Friday, 23 July at Tokyo Stadium

Archery – 23-31 July at Yumenoshima Park Archery Field
• Artistic gymnastics – 24 July to 3 August at Arlake Gymnastics Centre
• Artistic swimming – 2-7 August at Tokyo Aquatics Centre
• Athletics – 30 July to 8 August at Tokyo Stadium (track & field), Sapporo Odori Park (marathons & race walks)

• Badminton – 24 July to 2 August at Musashino Forest Sport Plaza
• Baseball/softball – 21 July to 7 August at Fukushima & Yokohama
• Basketball – 25 July to 8 August at Aomi Urban Sports Park (3×3) & Saitama Super Arena
• Beach volleyball – 24 July to 7 August at Shiokaze Park
• Boxing – 24 July to 8 August at Kokugikan Arena

• Canoe slalom – 25-30 July at Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre
• Canoe sprint – 2-7 August at Sea Forest Waterway
• Cycling BMX – 29 July to 1 August at Arlake Urban Sports Park
• Cycling road – 24, 25 & 28 July at Musashinonomori Park & Fuji International Speedway
• Cycling track – 2-8 August at Izu Velodrome, Shizuoka

• Diving – 25 July to 7 August at Tokyo Aquatics Centre
• Equestrian – 24 July to 7 August at Equestrian Park (dressage, eventing & jumping), Sea Forest Cross-Country Course (eventing)
• Fencing – 24 July to 1 August at Makuhari Messe Hall
• Football – 21 July to 7 August at Tokyo Stadium, Sapporo Dome, Miyagi Stadium, Ibaraki Kashima Stadium, Saitama Stadium and International Stadium Yokohama
• Golf – Men’s 29 July to 1 August & women’s 4-7 August at Kasumigaseki Country Club
• Handball – 24 July to 8 August at Yoyogi National Stadium
• Hockey – 24 July to 6 August at Oi Hockey Stadium

• Judo – 24 to 31 July at Nippon Budokan
• Karate – 5-7 August at Nippon Budokan
• Marathon swimming – 4-5 August at Odaiba Marine Park
• Modern pentathlon – 5-7 August at Musashino Forest Sport Plaza (fencing) & Tokyo Stadium
• Rhythmic gymnastics – 6-8 August at Arlake Gymnastics Centre
• Rowing – 23-30 July at Sea Forest Waterway

• Rugby Sevens – 26-31 July at Tokyo Stadium
• Sailing – 25 July to 4 August at Enoshima Yacht Harbour
• Shooting – 24 July to 2 August at Asaka Shooting Range
• Skateboarding – Street 24-25 July & park 4-5 August at Arlake Urban Sports Park
• Sport climbing – 3-6 August at Aomi Urban Sports Park
• Surfing – 25 July to 1 August at Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach, Chiba
• Swimming – 24 July to 1 August at Tokyo Aquatics Centre

• Table tennis – 24 July to 6 August at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium
• Taekwondo – 24-27 July at Makuhari Messe Hall
• Tennis – 24 July to 1 August at Arlake Tennis Park
• Trampoline gymnastics – 30-31 July at Arlake Gymnastics Centre
• Triathlon – Individual 26-27 & mixed relay 31 July at Odaiba Marine Park

• Volleyball – 24 July to 8 August at Arlake Arena
• Water polo – 24 July to 8 August at Tatsumi Water Polo Centre
• Weightlifting – 24 July to 4 August at Tokyo International Forum
• Wrestling – 1-7 August at Makuhari Messe Hall

• Closing ceremony – 8 August at Tokyo Olympic Stadium

Most Popular Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games Events

Although the Summer Games schedule is full of different sporting disciplines that will see athletes compete against each other and go for the gold medal, there will always be sports events that will be more popular for sports betting fans.

Gymnastics & Athletics Are The Most Popular Olympic Sports

Gymnastics and Track & Field events are perhaps the most popular Olympic Games events that take place, as these are generally only watched when the four-year event takes place. The fierce competition and high level of the athletes make it obviously popular for those looking to bet on the Olympic Games.

The same could also be said of the swimming disciplines, with each of those continuing to attract a number of bettors and viewers.

Football and Basketball will likely continue to be amongst the most popular 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games scheduled events this summer as well, as both sports have a worldwide audience and one that will see some huge stars competing.

2021 Tokyo New Olympic Sports Added To The Schedule

The 2021 Summer Games calendar looks a little different compared to the 2016 Olympic Games history, as there have been a number of new sports to have been added to it for the first time.

The new sports to have been included in the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games schedule are:

• Karate
• Skateboarding
• Sport Climbing
• Surfing

Baseball/Softball also makes an appearance on the 2021 Tokyo calendar for the first time since the 2008 Beijing Games, although it is not technically a new sport to the event!

Don’t forget to read EagleBet’s full 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games betting guide to help you boost your odds.

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